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International Building Performance Simulation Association - England

IBPSA England is an affiliate of International Building Performance Simulation Association, a non-profit international society of building performance simulation researchers, developers and practitioners, dedicated to improving the built environment. IBPSA England is founded to advance and promote the science of building performance simulation in order to improve the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of new and existing buildings. Any individual with an interest in the field of building simulation can become an individual member of IBPSA England. There will be no membership fee. To become a member (individual or corporate) and join our mailing list please use our new sign-up portal at: http://eepurl.com/85ljr
  •  Call for Abstracts: Building Simulation & Optimization Conference, BSO2018

    Call for Abstracts: Building Simulation & Optimization Conference, BSO2018

    We are now welcoming abstract submissions for the 2018 BSO conference.InstructionsYou are encouraged to submit abstracts of papers on main conference themes:New building performance simulation methods (e.g., energy, comfort, daylighting, airflow, air quality)New approaches for optimizing design and operationNew decision... [read more]
    7 month(s) ago
  • BOVA Network: Pump-prime Funding

    BOVA Network: Pump-prime Funding

    The BOVA Network has funding available to help pump-prime collaborative research projects that genuinely bring together researchers in the built environment with those working on the control of vector-borne diseases.We will finance 8-10 research grants valued at between £50,000 to... [read more]
    8 month(s) ago
  • IBPSA-England September Networking Event: Ladybug & Honeybee

    IBPSA-England September Networking Event: Ladybug & Honeybee

    Ladybug and HoneybeeThe use of environmental analysis plugins for grasshopper as decision making tools for early design stagesDescription:This IBPSA Networking event hosted by Atelier Ten in London will focus on the use of Ladybug + Honeybee environmental analysis plugins for... [read more]
    8 month(s) ago