BOVA Network: Pump-prime Funding

BOVA Network has funding available to help pump-prime collaborative
research projects that genuinely bring together researchers in the built
environment with those working on the control of vector-borne diseases.

will finance 8-10 research grants valued at between £50,000 to
£100,000, each of 12 months duration. There is a two stage application
process. The first application is an expression of interest in funding
which will be reviewed by the Network Management Board before selected
applicants are invited to submit a full proposal.

Projects should be

  • focused on controlling malaria or Aedes-transmitted
    diseases in sub-Saharan Africa by modification of the built
    environment, although other vector-borne diseases e.g. leishmaniasis or
    African trypanosomiasis may be considered.
  • Show
    evidence of genuine collaboration between researchers from the built
    environment and those working on vector-borne diseases.
  • Show clear potential for further funding

are invited from all disciplines including epidemiology, development,
social sciences, mathematical modelling, economics, supply chain
management, architecture, engineering and town planning.

The closing date for expressions of interest is 14th November at 17.00 BST - so don't delay in sending us your application!

more information about eligibility please see our operational
guidelines. Expressions of intent should be made using the template
document which can be found here:

For more information please contact