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    • CommentAuthord.mumovic
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2006
    Minutes of the Start-up Meeting of IBPSA England

    Date: 10th March 2006
    Location: De Montfort University, Leicester

    Malcolm Cook, De Montfort University (Host)
    Andrew Marsh, Square One Software
    Simon Rees, De Montfort University
    Ian Ward, University of Sheffield (Chair)
    Pieter de Wilde, University of Plymouth
    Andrew Wright, De Montfort University
    Jonathan Wright, Loughborough University

    Dejan Mumovic, University College London

    The agenda for the meeting was based on the previous discussion (see minutes of Initial Meeting 7th October 2005), and a proposal for an IBPSA-England ‘charter’ which was drafted by Ian Ward and Malcolm Cook.
    10:30 Welcome
    10:40 Recap on why we are meeting
    10:45 Discussion on the draft application document
    11:45 Action on Application
    12:15 Suggested programme of events and timetable
    12:45 Summary and date of next meeting

    All attendees were welcomed to De Montfort University by Malcolm Cook, who kindly hosted the session. Ian Ward was elected chairperson for the meeting.

    Ian Ward summarised the reasons for establishing an IBPSA regional affiliate in England, and the findings from the previous meeting. All present confirmed the desire to go ahead and start IBPSA-England.

    There was an initial discussion on how to proceed and formally start. It was decided to consider the present meeting as formal launch of the Affiliate, by means of discussion of the draft charter, then to be signed by all present.

    The draft charter for IBPSA-England was then discussed in detail, and amended where appropriate. A few issues raised were: finances (in the long term, it might be desirable to be able to hold funds; if so required, there will be a need to open an account and appoint a treasurer); board/committee structure, and mechanisms for selection of this board/committee; role and membership of organisations; the relationship between IBPSA-England and other IBPSA affiliates for different geographic areas within the UK; and initial IBPSA England events.

    The founding committee then elected Ian Ward as chair of the Initial Board, Malcom Cook as Vice-Chair, and Pieter de Wilde as Secretary, with Jonathan Wright, Simon Rees, and Dejan Mumovic as members. It was decided to ask additional members of the board during the coming weeks.

    • IBPSA-England was formally launced during this meeting
    • The charter of IBPSA-England was discussed in detail. Final modifications will be made in the coming weeks.
    • The final version of the IBPSA-England charter will be signed per distance in order to progress as soon as possible.
    • After completion of the charter IBPSA-England will send out a formal application to IBPSA World.
    • IBPSA England will start organising a regional event for Fall 2006, to be held at Sheffield University.
    • A follow-up meeting is planned for 5th May 2006 at Sheffield University.

    Update IBPSA-England Charter: Ian Ward, Pieter de Wilde
    Circulate charter for signatures: Pieter de Wilde
    Appication to IBPSA World: Pieter de Wilde
    Update and expand website: Dejan Mumovic
    Plan fall event in Sheffield: Ian Ward and Malcolm Cook