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The electronic Newsletter of IBPSA England (2020 No. 3)

Dear IBPSA England members
Welcome to the September issue of your IBPSA-England newsletter. From this issue, I am delighted to take up the role of IBPSA-England eNews editor. For those of you who does not know me, I am Renjith Jayapalan Nair, a doctoral researcher at Loughborough University. I am excited about the future of the newsletter and am committed to helping continue the impressive trajectory it has established over the past years by the previous editors Dr. Eleonora Brembilla (Outgoing), Dr. Miaomiao (Candy) He and Prof. Christina Hopfe.

In this issue, we are first sharing some numbers and memories of our flagship event Building Simulation and Optimization Virtual (BSOV) conference 2020 (Item 1). Item 2 provides details about a special award presented for outstanding service to IBPSA-England. The CIBSE Building Simulation Awards 2020 is now open for entries. You can find details regarding the awards in Item 3. In Item 4 provides details of a couple talks that features IBPSA-England's co-Secretary Dr. Anna MavrogianniTo conclude, the usual "Ask a Modelercolumn from IBPSA-USA and a calendar of future BPS-related events. 

Happy reading!
Renjith Jayapalan Nair 
IBPSA England eNews Editor
Email: r.jayapalan-nair@lboro.ac.uk

P.S. The IBPSA eNews is published on a quarterly basis, namely at the end of the following months: March, June, September, and December. If you would like to share Building Performance Simulation related information with all IBPSA England delegates, please don't hesitate to send an email to r.jayapalan-nair@lboro.ac.uk

Item 1: Building Simulation and Optimization Virtual Conference 2020

IBPSA-England’s fifth Building Simulation and Optimization conference Hosted by the Building Energy Research Group at Loughborough University and Sponsored by DesignBuilder took place virtually on the 21stand 22nd September 2020. This conference provided a form to debate and address the challenges that the Building Simulation and Optimization community are currently facing.

The conference, chaired by Dr. Bianca Howard and scientific chairs and Dr. Argyris Oraiopoulos and Dr. Eleonora Brembilla, was well attended by more than 100 delegates from 18 countries across the world. A total of 53 contributions were presented during the conference, in a novel, online format that focused on bringing out the key insights from the latest research in the field, by setting the discussion around the papers as the primary objective, rather than the presentation.

The emerged themes of occupant behaviour, data driven modelling and building energy systems flexibility, revealed that researchers are actively trying to address the performance gap of building performance simulation, by using advanced hybrid modelling techniques. A number of works on the development and performance simulation of dynamic shading systems, pointed to the signs of a rapidly warming climate. This was also central in Prof. Rajan Rawal’s keynote speech during day 1. The extreme heat could lead to unprecedented financial losses in labour productivity, transforming cooling, from a luxury to a necessity in many parts of the world. “Are we doing enough?” he asked, the requirements of a non-homogeneous world need to be addressed rather urgently. In day two we were given a glimpse of the technical insights in Prof. Ursula Eicker’s diverse research portfolio. In her keynote speech, we were reminded that “buildings are not the only contributor to energy demand”. Integration with other streams including mobility, waste and microclimate is key and it requires open data libraries, ways of handling all information and clearly defined interfaces. Closing, Prof Eicker gave praise to physical models, hailing them as essential for our detailed understanding, in an era where “everybody loves AI and ML”. 

Special congratulations to Rajat Gupta and Matt Gregg from the Low Carbon Building Research Group in the School of Architecture at Oxford Brookes University, for winning the best paper award for their work on Spatially-based urban energy modelling approach for enabling energy retrofits in Oxfordshire and contributing to the continuous high standards of academic research in the BSO conferences.

Thanks go to everyone who helped with the conference organisation, to the sponsor DesignBuilder, and to all presenters and attendees.

From the BSO-V 2020 Conference and Scientific Chairs,
Dr. Bianca Howard
Dr. Argyris Oraiopoulos 
Dr. Eleonora Brembilla

Item 2: Recognition of outstanding service to IBPSA-England presented to Assoc. Prof. Rob McLeod

A special award for recognition of outstanding service to IBPSA-England was presented to Assoc. Prof. Rob McLeod, for being instrumental in registering IBPSA-England as a Community Interest Company (CIC), in the UK. As a CIC we are now able to hold funds and sponsor activities that promote the science and application of building simulation. This is a big milestone for our community. 

The following is an extract from Rob's award speech at the BSOV2020 -

It is a real honour to be presented with this Award for Outstanding Achievement in recognition of the work which I have done towards setting up the IBPSA-England Community Interest Company (CIC). I certainly can’t take all of the credit for this achievement though, as this was very much a team effort. I would like to acknowledge the support of my former colleague Prof. Malcolm Cook (Loughborough University) along with practical assistance from both Rebecca Ward and Dr Ruchi Choudhary (Turing Institute and Cambridge University) and valuable input from a number of other IBPSA-England members. My role was simply to catalyse the collective vision of the IBPSA-England board and manage the project working closely with the solicitor (Ellen Moran of Knights PLC).
Registering IBPSA-England as a limited company via the CIC regulator is a milestone in the organisations development and should open the doors of opportunity for it to grow and flourish in the coming years. This will be achieved by allowing the organisation to function as registered social enterprise, thereby allowing it to generate and retain funds and use these to promote activities for the public good in support of its charter. IBPSA is a global community of like minded professionals, and now more than ever we need to strengthen our communities at every level. Only by creating vibrant, healthy and inclusive communities can we ensure we are building towards a truly sustainable and resilient future. To anyone reading this my message is simple, ‘please role up your sleeves and put your name forward (at least once a year) to take on an initiative to support your local IBPSA community.’ 
Although I am now based in Austria I very much look forward to seeing the IBPSA-England affiliate expanding its membership and activities in the coming years.”


Item 3: CIBSE Building Simulation Awards 2020

CIBSE Building Simulation Group Awards - Open for entries

The CIBSE Building Simulation Group (BSG) is proud to announce that their two awards for this year, CIBSE Building Simulation Awards 2020 and CIBSE Building Simulation Young Modeller 2020 which are open for entries, with winning prizes of £1,000 and £500 respectively up for grabs.

The CIBSE Building Simulation Awards 2020 focus on the use of building simulation in projects, and aims to encourage innovation in building simulation techniques. Entries should provide information on a project that has a simulation or modelling aspect, giving details about why simulation and modelling were important. All entries will be reviewed by a panel of experts, who will select six entrants to present their work on an online event as part of the Build2Perform programme in November, where they will be judged and the winner announced. To enter the awards click here.

The CIBSE Building Simulation Young Modeller 2020 Awards is a new category, where we recognise the outstanding contributions of young engineers, apprentices and sustainability consultants working with building simulation and encompassing any type of simulation for the built environment. Nominees who hold a position in academia, industry, or public sector and are within 3 years of completion of their highest degree as well as undergraduates, apprentices or those graduating in 2020-2021 are welcome to apply. They should submit samples of their work, their CV and a refereeís testimonial. All entries will be peer-reviewed by a panel of experts, and then the winner will be announced at the online event in November 2020.
To enter the awards
 click here.

Deadline for submissions is Friday 23rd October 2020.

Item 4: Talks by IBPSA-England's Co-Secretary, Dr. Anna Mavrogianni, at the University Research Forum and the ASHRAE Beirut conference

Dr. Anna Mavrogianni, associate Professor in Sustainable Building and Urban Design at the Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering (IEDE) at the Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment, University College London (UCL) and the co-Secretary of IBPSA-England, was the co-Guest editor of the Buildings and Cities special issue on Climate Justice: The Role of the Built EnvironmentThis special issue provides a range of approaches for understanding the manifestations of climate injustrice in the building environment. It identifies specific processes, decisions and actions that can be taken to reduce these injustices. The key findings from the issue will be presented at a joint event with UKGBC on 24th September. More information can be found here.

Anna will also be giving a Keynote talk at the ASHRAE / ASHRAE Lebanese Chapter Fourth International Conference on Efficient Building Design, Materials and HVAC Equipment Technologies, Virtual Conference that will be held on November 5-6, 2020. The conference focuses on novel building technologies that enhance environmental quality in buildings and the impact of energy reforms on both the demand and the environmental quality with the goal of saving costs while providing the needed thermal and air quality environment for better performance and improved health. More information can be found here.

Ask a Modeler

Should the Modeling Community Focus More on Existing Buildings to Battle Climate Change?

- A Hypocritical Modeller
Alex Nutkiewicz, M.S.
PhD Candidate, Stanford Urban Informatics Lab


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